Osuuskunta Villapakka on tapahtumissa vieraileva kauppakunta

Villapakka Cooperative

Villapakka Cooperative (eng. Woolpack) consists of a handful of artisans and event workers. We travel throughout the summer and Christmas season with our

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Iittala Outlet Iittala

The Iittala Glass Factory manufactures classics of Finnish design like Alvar Aalto’s Aalto vase and Kaj Frank’s Kartio glasses. Many famous designers, amongst

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Restaurant Taika

coffee, pastries, soft drinks, ice cream lunch Mon–Fri  11 am – 3 pm á la carte Restaurant Taika serves delicious food every day!

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Naskali Leather

At first, turning old leather into bowties was a hobby for me. However, I got excited about creating something completely new with my

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