Data Protection Policy

Effective date: 14 December 2021

Lasimäen kauppiasyhdistys ry is committed to, safeguarding the privacy of its customers as well as the privacy of other visitors to it website. This data protection policy describes how Lasimäen kauppiasyhdistys ry (we) processes your personal data. In this data protection policy, data controller refers to us. This data protection policy concerns the website, the products and services where personal data is collected, from which there is a link to the data protection policy, or in which the data protection policy can be viewed. We have a shared consumer register, and the merchant association as a whole acts as its data controllers. In addition, each Iittala Village operator is responsible for their own customers’ data protection in accordance with their own data protection statements.

1. Data controller

Lasimäen kauppiasyhdistys ry, c/o Iittala Village, Könnölänmäentie 2, FI-14500 Iittala

2. Registry administrator

3. Register name

Customer register of Lasimäen kauppiasyhdistys ry

4. Collected data

Data collected directly from you

  • Contact information: name, address, one or more email address(es), telephone number and postal address
  • The messages sent by you, the consents granted by you, and feedback
  • Information notified by the customer relating to managing the customer relationship and/or marketing
  • additionally, the company name is requested from companies
  • social media profiles (in connection with competitions / prize draws)

Data collected in connection with the use of our websites or interactive products and services

  • The browser used, the operating system, device model, IP address, time of making the connection and duration of the connection
  • Websites from which you have navigated to our website, the pages you have viewed on our website and all other activity on our website (for example, the selections you have made, the referred websites that you have navigated to, and the keywords used)
  • Cookies and other tags
  • Marketing data: benefits targeted or offered to the customer, campaigns and services, as well as their use


5. Intended use of register

Personal data is processed in relation to invoicing and collection of payments, managing and developing the customer relationship, as well as for statistical purposes. The data is only used for direct marketing in compliance with valid legislation. Customers have the right to prohibit their personal data from being used for direct marketing by informing Lasimäen kauppiasyhdistys ry in writing.

6. Regular data sources of the register

Data is collected for the register in connection with guide reservations, product orders, enquiries and participation in competition. The data is collected on electronic forms in online service or by email. Customers enter the information personally or provide their information on the telephone.

7. Transfer of data

Data is not separately transferred, and they remain only in the possession of the data controller.

8. Register protection principle

A Manual material

If manual material is printed from the electronic register, the material is kept in a locked space, and only the data controller and the authorities prescribed by law have the sole right of use to the material.

B Data stored in electronic format

The register is located on a server maintained by the Finnish Zoner service provider, which is located in a monitored data center. Only the data controller and the technical maintenance personnel have access to the full register data.

9. Right of access and implementation of right of access

Everyone has the right to access their data. The request for access must be made in writing with a letter signed personally, or in person with the data controller.

10. Correction of information and implementation of correction

Everyone has the right to demand that incorrect information on the register is corrected. The correction request should be made in writing and in a sufficient level of detail.

11. Other possible rights

According to Section 30 of the Personal Data Act “A data subject has the right to prohibit the controller to process personal data for purposes of direct advertising, distance selling, other direct marketing, market research, opinion polls, public registers or genealogical research”.

Access and correction requests and prohibitions concerning personal data are delivered in writing by email or in paper mail to the following address:

Lasimäen kauppiasyhdistys ry, c/o Iittala Village, Könnölänmäentie 2, FI-14500 Iittala


12. Cookies

Our website uses cookies. You can block cookies in your browser settings, but some of the functionalities of our website do not necessarily work properly without cookies. Read more about our cookie policy.

13. Amendments to our data protection policy

We may update this data protection policy from time to time. When we publish amendments, the effective date displayed at the start of the data protection policy changes to the date when the amendments take effect.