Iittala’s year of anniversaries is full of joy and happiness every day

This year, Iittala Village – the home of design, art and artisans – has many reasons to celebrate, and you are warmly welcome to join us!

The year 2021 will be full of celebration at Iittala, the village of design, art and artisans located in Kalvola, Hämeenlinna. There are many anniversaries in 2021, so this is a special year for the entire village.

Fiskars, Iittala Glass Factory 140 years

Kalvola Church 100 years

Design Museum Iittala 50 years

I-Valo Oy 50 years

Kultasuklaa 30 years

Iittala Music Festival 5 years.

A monument designed to commemorate this special year is currently being built in the middle of the village. The foundation is being laid at the roundabout for a new landmark executed by the Iittala Glass Factory. Hämeenlinnan Skate ry will build a skatepark in Iittala this year, in cooperation with the region’s associations, companies, the City of Hämeenlinna and other partners. I-Valo will donate lighting fixtures for the park. All parties operating in the Lasimäki glass centre area and the region’s entrepreneurs will, each in their own way, take part in the special year. The year’s programme is being added to all the time so follow Iittala Village on social media. At iittalavillage.fi, we will soon launch a dedicated anniversary page where you can check out the entire programme!


Kultasuklaa the 30 year old chocolate factory of Iittala Village is home of finest Finnish handmade chocolates.

You can visit Iittala safely. The sights are all located within a short walk from each other, and the facilities are spacious. If you come to Iittala by train, your unforgettable day of experiences starts already when the train stops at the Iittala Art Station, from where it only takes a moment to walk to Lasimäki, safely and ecologically, enjoying the fresh air.

In May, the Finnish Glass Museum’s exhibition The Iconic works and makers of Finnish glass art will open in Design Museum Iittala. The winter exhibition of Naivists in Iittala is open to small groups of a maximum of eight persons, in addition to the normal opening hours. The summer exhibition that is opening in May will be curated by Veikko Halmetoja. At this summer’s Iittala Music Festival, you can enjoy Bizet’s Carmen and the music of Wilhelm Stenhammar, among other works. Written, directed and arranged by Juhani Koivisto, Minicarmen is an adaptation of Carmen suitable for the entire family. The 100th anniversary of Kalvola Church will be celebrated in September. The bishop of the Diocese of Tampere Matti Repo will also honour the anniversary by attending the festivities.

The year of anniversaries consists of art, events, new products and the Iittala hygge – joy and happiness every day. Welcome to celebrate Iittala Village’s special year with us!

Friends by artist naïve Pirkko Pullinen-Valtonen.

More information:

Iittala Glass Factory 140 years and Design Museum Iittala 50 years: Jaana Eriksson, tel. +358 20 439 6230

Kalvola Church 100 years, Kalle Roine, tel. +358 40 804 9480

I-Valo 50 years: Kaj Koskinen, tel. +358 10 501 3070

Kultasuklaa 30 years: Juha Kärkkäinen, tel. +358 40 595 4414

Iittala Music Festival 5 years: Riitta Muikku-Piirainen, tel. +358 40 952 5090

Lasimäen kauppiasyhdistys ry: Chairperson Jyri Naskali, tel. 040 7757 957

Go Iittala Village – joint development of the tourist village: Linna Development Ltd , Pia Niemikotka, tel. +358 40 868 2087

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