Kerttu Nurminen: My Nature, My World

Kerttu Nurminen’s 80th anniversary exhibition in Design Museum Iittala, 15.4. – 1.10.2023

The exhibition is curated by the Finnish Glass Museum.

Kerttu Nurminen (b. 1943) is a glass artist and designer who worked at the Nuutajärvi glass factory from 1972 to 2007. Her colleagues included Kaj Franck, Heikki Orvola and Inkeri and Oiva Toikka. She graduated as a ceramic artist from the University of Art and Design Helsinki.

Kerttu Nurminen’s diverse body of work includes both popular Finnish utility glassware – such as the Mondo and Verna collections – and unique pieces. She was keen on various glass processing techniques and also developed techniques of her own. With her husband, glass master Olavi Nurminen, she produced pieces using the dotted filigree technique, which she had created.

Nurminen has named the natural environment surrounding Nuutajärvi, her home, as her primary source of inspiration, from mushrooms in the forest during fall foliage to brightly blooming poppies and white summer clouds. Her works are characterized by a mastery of techniques and a sophisticated approach to the motif and the related color palette.

The items in the exhibition have been selected from the collections of the Finnish Glass Museum and private collectors.




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