Kultasuklaa – Hand-made Finnish Chocolade

Kultasuklaa is a Finnish family enterprise, which has brought joy and pleasure for its customers since 1990. The chocolate factory is located in Iittala, Häme region in South of Finland, and it employs 20 professionals in this sweet handicraft. The company’s sale chain employs an increasing number of chocolate lovers. The chocolate products of Kultasuklaa hold the Key Flag, a symbol of Finnish know-how, and Kultasuklaa is an official partner of the Santa Claus Foundation.

The Factory

Our chocolate products are handmade in our factory in Iittala, South of Finland. We use only the best ingredients, and always choose the domestic alternative when there is a chance. For example fresh berries and milk products come to the factory only a short distance away.

With courage and creativity we are striving to show that Finnish handicraft is able to compete globally. We are proud to say our products are Finnish at heart!

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