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You find Kuusenpihka Avux in the idyllic Green Villa.

Fully natural and potent products made of spruce resin

Spruce resin has been used throughout the history and has proven its healing powers through medical research as well. The effectivity of spruce resin is based on its antibacterial quality: It helps to heal up the epihthelium.

HAVUKA-Spruce resin products are the most potent in the market and contain up to 30% of spruce resin. We still use the original old time recipes of Elias Lönnrot for manufacturing these products. You can find precision products from our vast selection to enhance your quality of life and sustain your healing process and wellness.

All product are hand made in Finland using carefully picked, high quality, natural ingredients. We collect, handle and produce all products ourselves. Our products are thereby easy and safe to use – a brief list of ingredients indicate the simplicity and effectivity. Our products are also perfect for the authentic Finnish sauna experience. You can also visit our web store and order online!


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Elias Lönnrot was a doctor, a reformer of the Finnish language and a botanist. This compiler of Kalevala and Kanteletar poetic epics and Flora Fennica also collected ancient folk healing methods on his expeditions. Elias Lönnrot Havuka Series is made after timeless recipes of his collections – and with over 25 years of our praxis.

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