My form – unique pieces by Iittala glassblowers

An exhibition of Iittala’s glassblowers’ own works at Design Museum Iittala 5 February – 24 April 2022

The exhibition is open at Design Museum Iittala on Saturdays and Sundays 11 am  – 5 pm. At Easter, 16-17 April 2022, there is free entrance to the exhibition.

A glassblower is an artisan inside whom lives an internal artist. Design Museum Iittala’s spring exhibition presents a collection of unique items designed and made by Iittala’s own glassblowers in their leisure time.

Many glassblowers have a desire to develop themselves as glass maker also outside their work duties. An opportunity offered by the employer, Iittala Glass Factory, to work on glass in the leisure time, is gladly taken. By trying out different techniques and materials and by challenging oneself, unique artworks are created at the same time as skills improve.



The exhibition contains works from twelve glassblowers. The spectrum of work experience is wide: there are both master glassblowers with dozens of years of experience, as well as makers in the final stages of their studies, who are about to graduate as glassblowers in apprenticeship training.

At Design Museum Iittala, the idea for the exhibition came from Jaana Eriksson. The idea was immediately met with an enthusiastic response from the glassblowers. At the glass factory, the project was promoted among his colleagues by master glassblower Tero Välimaa, who acted as the “engine”. He was pleasantly surprised by the number of enthusiastic participants. Välimaa also displays some of his own works in the exhibition. It is the wish of both Välimaa and Eriksson that the exhibition will increase appreciation for the skilled professionals in this demanding artisan profession.

Also Aada Vainio, Péter Kovács, Saara Sirkeoja and Leevi Luoma say that they are glad about this opportunity. In addition to the above-named, the works of Hanna Välimaa, Mitsuru Sato, Taina Kohtamäki, Toni Engelberg, Heikki Ollitervo, Arto Vilkki and Ossi Linna are on display.


Further information on the exhibition:

Jaana Eriksson, PR Specialist, Design Museum Iittala, +358 40 735 6672

Tero Välimaa, Master glassblower, Iittala glass factory,


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