Our sustainability principles

The commitments that we have made together to implement and further develop more responsible operations serve as a guide for the realization of sustainability in Iittala Village.

  1. We strive to minimize the environmental load
    • We are easily accessible by public transport.
    • We aim to extend the stay in the area by offering visitors a variety of places to visit.
    • We invest in environmentally friendly solutions and take the environment into account when making decisions.
    • We encourage our visitors to act in an environmentally friendly way, to put rubbish in the rubbish bin, and remind them of the quality of tap water that can be drunk in Finland.
    • We operate resource efficiently and extend the life cycle of materials by refining them into new products.
    • We are committed to reducing the disposable culture by developing new circular economy solutions.


  1. We strive to strengthen local aspects
    • We work closely with local associations and clubs.
    • We develop the living environment and business community in Iittala Village by cooperating with entrepreneurs, residents and the City of Hämeenlinna.
    • We bring out the history of the area and take it into account as part of the present day, for everyone to see.
    • We promote the preservation of local services by strengthening the economic structure.


  1. We promote health and well-being
    • We promote the well-being of both visitors and local residents by offering a wide range of services.
    • We ensure the user safety of the services and products that we sell.
    • You visit us as you are.


  1. We support local economic growth and offer job opportunities to locals
    • We actively cooperate with actors in the region and offer them visibility in our own digital channels.
    • We employ and train new future artisans.
    • We support local junior activities through cooperation.


  1. We communicate the services and the values of the destination
    • We encourage actors and visitors to commit to the principles of sustainable tourism.
    • We actively communicate our actions to both domestic and foreign stakeholders.
    • We collect feedback from stakeholders, which helps us improve customer satisfaction and develop our operations.
    • We strive to a culture of transparency and openness in the way we


Iittala Village has created its responsibility plan based on the principles of sustainable tourism published by Metsähallitus in 2016. The plan is based on the commitments and goals made jointly by the actors of Iittala Village, which will be used to evaluate and develop operations in an increasingly responsible manner.