Naskali Leather

At first, turning old leather into bowties was a hobby for me. However, I got excited about creating something completely new with my own hands from the challenging, beautiful material. The leather I use is recycled such as old boxing gloves.

With over 200 boxing matches experience, I am well aware of how much boxing gloves are thrown into the garbage. I wanted to recycle the valuable material back to use. In addition, the material is beautiful and really unique, as the gloves wear out differently.

Apart from boxing clubs, I find recycled leather also from flea markets, recycling centres, industry’s surplus. Reversible bowties can be made from recycled leather or reindeer leather, a traditional Finnish material that is strong and buttery soft. Each bowtie is handmade here in Iittala.

My carefully crafted leather bowties are beautiful and elegant, yet rough. They are your perfect companions for dinner parties, weddings and business meetings – whenever you want to make the moment count.

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