Osuuskunta Villapakka on tapahtumissa vieraileva kauppakunta

Villapakka Cooperative

Villapakka Cooperative (eng. Woolpack) consists of a handful of artisans and event workers. We travel throughout the summer and Christmas season with our merchandise such as English wool, locally produced pewter jewellery, home made linens, rugs, woodwork etc. We also organise events, trips and guided tours. You can book for example Santa Claus through us. We work in a close companionship with our local entrepreneurs and towns.

Next time we will be taking part to the Iittala Village life in the spring… In the meantime, you can follow us on FB and our website.


Contact info

website: villapakka.fi/en

facebook: Osuuskunta Villapakka

email: osk.villapakka@gmail.com